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Tales of an Atlantean Master


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  1. My name is Conrad Nagel

    I received the CD for Cody’s book. However the CD only shows a shortcut link and there is not a book on the CD. Please send me a replacement CD or let me know what I am doing wrong.

    Conrad Nagel
    1115 Ora Avo Drive
    Vista CA 92084
    Yours truly,


  2. Hello I am from Canada. I have been following you on SNAFU. I come from a lower middle class Caucasian family in Ontario one hour away from Toronto. I grew up with a warm feeling that both my grandfather’s made a difference fighting in ww2. Slowly over the years that feeling has fizzled away thanks to the criminals in power year after year. I just want to say what you are doing gives me the same feeling I felt from my grandfather’s sacrifices. I will be buying your book when I can afford it. God bless and stay safe.


  3. Hi Cody. I have listened to you on Hagman and Hagman, as well as Dave Hodges. I prayed when I heard that you had the accident. So much to say, but unlike you, I fear for my family. I wanted to let you know though that my brother, who was in a gov’t position prior to his death in the early 70’s, told me so many things about what was going on in this country that I have been seeing them coming to pass within the past few years. At first, I thought he was WooWoo, then I looked in his eyes and knew he was serious. I knew nothing about remote Viewing back then, but now know that he was on the money. I have kept his secrets since 1974, I point them out to my kids as they are happening now.
    Anyway, I know that what you are saying is truth. I pray for you and your family. May Our Lord and Savior Always keep you in His Care.
    I hope that one day, you might put the book in a audible format. My eyes are going bad and it would be much better for me to listen.
    Oh yeah, I also wanted to let you know that one of my son’s has been gangstalked 6 yrs ago by … guessed it…….it has taken a lot to get him out of that situation. Prayer does work with that too, and some phone calls.
    Peace, Love and Blessings.

  4. Y’all are the best! Thank you all for the courage you put forth, thank you for the service to our country, thank y’all for being warriors of God/the creator Wanka Takan (the great spirit), the light, much love and many blessings , will keep yall in my prayers from this day forward….

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